an object surviving from an earlier time,  especially one of sentimental interest.
My wife and I moved to Newport, Oregon a few years ago after a five year adventure in our motor-home. We quickly fell in love with this little fishing village and plan to die here. My endeavor is to document this community. (Or at least my romanticized version.) 
I'm an Analog guy living in a Digital age. (Still listening to Pink Floyd.) After 40 years of Professional image-making, I find myself in the same learning curve with everybody else.   Technology changes so fast it can be a little intimidating to "keep up". Fortunately, countless dedicated individuals have made their knowledge available for free.  

 a diverse range of human activities in creating visual artifacts, 
done by people with a communicative or aesthetic purpose.
Digital photography has to a great extent "Leveled" the playing field for anyone serious about learning. There is NO lack of talent out there. I see great photographs produced by ordinary folks with their iPhone's everyday and you can literally learn ANYTHING you want to know. 
 The cost of  gear and the capabilities that it gives one, in the right hands, is really very reasonable. Coupled with the right software, high quality imaging really is in the realm of possibility for the average person willing to make the investment in  the "learning curve".  Remember, YouTube is your friend...
So, join me as I continue my experimentation with this art form, and the community that I am so passionate about. I will post updates to the project as weather and time allows me to do so. I sincerely hope that you enjoy these images as much as I enjoy being out in the community creating them.  If you use Facebook, I am fairly active on that media and you can keep track of updates on the page
David G. Rigg - Nye Beach, Newport, OR